what do you do when you've got 30 minutes to spare before you go to work guys?
party? video game? rock n roll?
Get to work half an hour early.
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30 minutes is time enough to enjoy about 6 bowls of
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That was 21 minutes you liar.

How dare he.
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You have excellent taste in video games, good sir.

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it takes 9 minutes to get to work probably.
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It may take nine minutes for him to get to work, but he said he had to leave thirty minutes later when making the OP. Leaving 21 minutes later, instead of 30, makes him a liar.

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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

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Assuming work starts at 9:00.

8:30 - Snag a quick bite from a hobo on the way to...
8:33 - The Döner shop. Grabbin' döner.
8:34 - Recieve döner, proceed to consume on the way to work.
8:40 - Arrive at work, finish last bits of döner and get some coffee.
8:45 - Finish your coffee, get another.
8:50 - And another.
8:55 - Now some hot chocolate.
9:00 - Arrive at the workplace, tell everyone you're gonna get some coffee before you begin.
9:05 - Proceed with working.
Every 50 minutes - Take a 10-minute shit. Assuming you work 40h per week, after a full year you will have gotten paid for 40h of shitting. Awesome.

Whenever it is time to go home, it is time for some more food. Work is taxing.

As home comes closer, the tv should turn on by itself.

You then proceed to work out for 2 hours straight.

And then shower, brushie *le teeth, and then go to bed where you likely will get laid by your sexy wife.
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Well you could always
find a hooker and get laid
then have cereal

do you want to be my
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Well you could always
find a hooker and get laid
then have cereal

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