To be an errant slur, walked by or cursed
at in the midst of a sorry pause. N. or B. or S.
An unwavering syllabic miscue, you; like coffee,
or vacuum. Slurs like derivative, like ugly hands placed
upon red paint, like then pouring Old Crow. Narrow
as if watching that stirring clause breath, further
past the lips, and gaggletoothed grin or goose
necking out the window wishing for welcome mats.

Callous in red patience, smeared on beaks of Vireos, again,
flittering past the spelled guess of sharp reefs, the heavy
tone in a voice wavering in anxious audibility. Errable what?
Pastiche of consonants, hard like K. or Kuh. or Qua.
and striking as if fists on wet mud, as if fists on a face. Throating
up your thick mucus from a spit, onto the cement near a fire hydrant
where dogs piss. Errable anger at words like Nebraska,
dishonest like wren or Crane, like capsizing.

I enjoy the words to run,
to ran.