Looking for feedback from reed organ enthusiasts/people called Matt.

EDIT: Updated Rolandus Movement here: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...d.php?t=1498534
Rolandus Movement III - The Awakening.zip
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Haha this is fantastic. I love it so much

Zelda AND Final Fantasty? Much love, bro.

And fuckin' Symphony X! Love The Odyssey Oh and the djent at the end was awesome.

That Cuica
Very nice. I love Bleed with a cuica. Keep doing it.
Quote by Life Is Brutal
That was amazing.

Whats the percussion sound that 78 does called?

That'd be the cuica, or rather, Matt going "MATT".
Amazing. I was looking at the guitar parts, and I saw the final empty measure, and I was waiting for one last cuica, and you delivered. I would fellate you, given the opportunity.
Hey, you stole my "bird gets shot" idea at 92

This song is kind of weird, but in a good way. It's original and interesting (and it's not metal >_> )
That stuff at 110 sounds familiar, maybe from Mario? If it's original then kudos it sounds good

That FF part did come up from nowhere, but I'm still laughing at it

Most of the song does sound like a videogame theme, but the drums and time signatures distort it, so it sounds....weird or something I can't explain it

What is the cuica? Is that percussion thing that sounds like a dog barking that is freaking hilarious?
The whole song reminded me of the theme from that town Mysidia in Final Fantasy II (US). Highly enjoyable references here... the Zelda music is the music from the beginning of A Link to the Past, where you're running around in the rain, right? The middle part of "Erotic Cakes" by Guthrie Govan sounds like that part too.

EDIT: Oh, the ideas that used converging and diverging chromatic scales were very cool, Buckethead inspired?
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For those of you who are interested, the songs I have badly ripped off in this are:

Bleed - Meshuggah
Pokemon Battle Theme (Vaguely influenced what I call the Jewish Pokemon section)
Final Fantasy VII Battle Theme
Ganondorf's Theme from various Zelda games
Summer Samba - Walter Wanderley
Propaganda Pie - Freak Kitchen
The Odyssey - Symphony X
The Sound of Silence - Nevermore
Mr Kaschei and the Thirteen Prostitutes - Freak Kitchen

That's all for now, the rest is original, but undoubtedly is soon to be more.

You owe me a new mind.
I believed your song has ****ed it.

Should have included the guitar throught the song, but that reed organ was just MIND****INGLY GOOD.
I was honestly just listening to Mr. Bungle and wondering to myself "I wonder where I can find more experimental music like this. Eh, I'll just wonder around UG for awhile instead"

Are you an angel?
What a ****ing great composition, can you actually play that?? awsome.... 5/5
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