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Shut Up! I Wasted 3 Years Making This Video!!!!

Fixed. I even complied with your odd use of capital letters.
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Quote by turnoffthedog
Shut Up! I Spent 3 Years Making This Video!!!!

Yeah uhm...then you wasted 3 years, mate.

effin 11ers
Quote by turnoffthedog
Shut Up! I Spent 3 Years Making This Video!!!!

what did you do, 1 minute of work a day? that shouldn't have even taken 3 days to make.
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That was shite that it was funny, so you at least made me laugh.


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'Mad Smoke: Every Cigarette Smoked in Mad Men' was in the suggestions.

It was much more enjoyable to watch.
Even you must not have liked it, because the only time I heard the "live studio audience" clap was at the very beginning.
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You have excellent taste in literature, dear sir

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You have excellent taste in video games, good sir.

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You have terrible taste in signatures, idiotic sir.

Ill watch it just to leave a hurtful comment or downvote

edit: that was horribly horribly unfunny, and I could have made that in no time at all on flash. You are awful
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Dude, your fucking sig creeps me out.

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I just noticed his sig too...I feel uncomfortable now...

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Your sig killed my boner _

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irritatingly unfunny. both vids, too. i bet a juggalo may appreciate it, though
Inb4 the animators of the forums rip this guy to shreds
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I found it somewhat amusing
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I love you bro. I'd totally turn gay for you after that.

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The theme tune made me hysterical. That said, I'm really baked right now.

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Jimmy that was pure awesomeness. WIN!