When playing and moving around I've noticed that I've been get alot of unwanted noises from my amp so I was wondering since I have cheap $3-5 patch cables and $10 instrument cables could that possibly be the cause of the unwanted noise?
Yeah, cheap cables will wear out quicker. Just think of what happens when you bend a paper clip back and fourth to many times, it eventually breaks, the same thing with cables, the worse quality materials, and depending on how you take care of it, the wire can break.

Get a good instrument cable, and some decent patch cables, although patch cables are prolly more important than your instrument cable, since they go bad quicker.
yeah cheap cables have been known to add noise. you may ve a loose connection in your jack as well. i'd get better cables regardless as they will improve your tone and be less likely to add noise. one of the cable ends may have a loose connection as well.
You should try testing your set up with other cables just in case but IMO its probs the cables

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It's highly likely ... good cables matter a great deal more than people seem to think.
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don't get cheap cables unless you're in a punk band, cuz then tone doesn't matter anyway
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