For some reason i seem to wear out the frets on all of my guitars quite quickly, compared to many of my fellow guitarists. Is there any way to minimise the wear on frets? I've hears that thin string gauges will wear frets less than thicker gauges, but are there any other factors that contribute to fret wear that i could perhaps minimise?

thanks for your help!
However frequently you play obviously, can't think of anything else.
thinner gauges might help but I don't think they'd really make a huge difference. It could be your style being a bit more aggressive than the guitarists you know and how frequently you play, and in that case then there's really nothing you can do about it.
I do play ALOT. I try to minimise bending (as I assume that the string scraping along the fret will wear it out a fair bit). I just seem to wear through them so quickly, even on guitars that I rarely play. Some of my friends have old guitars from the early 90's that have never been refretted or anything, and the frets on my guitars are far more worn.

Thanks for the help.
Since you need to exert less pressure on lighter gauge strings to bend them they have less friction on the frets. You can also go to slack tuning (Eb standard) for the same reason.
The use of 100% percent nickle will make a difference too since they are softer.
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stainless frets. they will be on my neck guitar. never change the frets again.

yeah looking to upgrade my epihpone and it does have neck binding. so a total refret with neck binding will cost more than i paid for the guitar. anoying.

again, stainless frets.