Hey all -
I'm working on my application for McNally Smith College of Music in Minnesota... i was curious if anybody here has any opinions on the school or anyone goes there / went there, whatever. I'm planning on starting next year and going for a Bachelors degree doing Recording Engineering.

Any thoughts? Finding a school for Recording Engineering is difficult, but i have a few friends that went to McNally and really liked it. Tell me what you think..
I really want to go there, but it's so expensive and student aid won't cover it.
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I went there this summer for their mix workshop. I dunno how the actual college courses are, but it looked like it would be pretty interesting. They've got a lot of nice gear and the staff seemed pretty knowledgeable. I've got a friend I met there who's probably going to go next year too, but that's for violin or something, not recording.
I was pretty close to going there myself before going to the school I'm at right now. I decided against it because they seemed more performance focused than recording or anything else, at least at the time.

One of my teachers from a couple years ago, Michael McKern, teaches (not sure if he still does) at McNally Smith and has been a big part of the whole school. He's a pretty cool guy. Really nice.

I don't think you can go wrong with McNally Smith if you're willing to pay the money. I don't know anyone that went there, but it seems like a good school.
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