I've been searching the net and can't find chords and/or tab for the Los Lonely Boys Christmas songs, She'll Be My Everything for Christmas, and Feliz Navedad. Any and all help in locating these is most appreciated. Thank you
She'll Be My Everything for Christmas,


Intro starts with these barre chords - E slide up to F# then F# slide back to E then B

F#, E then F#, E, B, B
then F#, E then F#, E, B

then switches to F#, B a 2x's times then back to F#, E, B

The solo is based on these chords and can be played mainly by either using individual notes based on the chords or just sliding the chords one into another ... I think you can get the rest of the song your self.... When you do if you feel up to it then do the dong and post it on this site as I am sure others would like it for XMAS.....

Let me know how it works for you and if you need more help with it.... OK...
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Thank you for the help Don. I was told that another possible chord line up would be B, Dbm, then Gb all the way through, but your chords seem to bring more detail into it all. Is there any special tuning invovled because it isn't sounding right either way? Thank you for your help.
Try either tuning up one or down one...I can't get the song anymore and don't have the CD..... So I can not go back and get what I need to check..... OK...

Seems like the other set of chords are basically the same as mine except tuned down one....

So I am betting that the guitar in the song is tuned in standard but like I stated tuned up or down a step or so..... probably down a 1/2 step