Hey UG,

I'm incredibly embarrassed by my voice. Incredibly. I avoid singing in front of people whenever possible. (I really want an epic metal singer's voice... but I'm a 17 year old girl. Ick.) However, I have to on Monday (long story) and I'd like to not make a fool of myself.

Can I have tips on how to sing??

Here are a couple clips of my voice. Am I just untrained or am I doing something fundamental wrong?


Somewhere over the rainbow: 00:00

Rolling in the deep (lol) -- recorded for my friend's amusement, ignore the first comment. The chorus was way too high for me and I couldn't stop laughing... 00:43-ish

Anyway... HELP!! How do I make my voice not too bad by Monday? Can it be done?
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first thing is take deeper breathes. Make sure your taking in deep "low" breathes. When you breathe in your stomach should expand more than your lungs. Then use your abs to push the air out. (dont over push). Also relax. Makes sure your throat muscles are completely relaxed and life your soft pallet especially on the high notes.
Thanks for the tips -- how does one go about lifting the soft palate? I'll observe myself in the mirror and try to fix those things.

Thank you!!
to lift your soft pallet it should feel almost as though your yawning. A way to imagine it is to imagine the back of your though is arched
My teacher likes to say it is like singing while holding an egg on your tongue that you don't want to break

But yeah, I know it's hard.. just try not to be nervous! I went to an audition to try to make it into a school (ok, it was the conservatory and had I not been misinformed I would have never even bothered in the first place!) and was so nervous my throat closed up and I sounded like a fool trying to reach all the high notes in the song! Being nervous is anti-productive!

Personally I try taking it as "I'm just sittin here playing Rock band (a game I like to play) with friends" and it usually helps..