So about 2 months ago I got a prs se semi-hollow custom and it's the sex. I love the sound, feel, action pretty much everything...except........the dadgum tuners! I keep going flat after 3 mins of playing (in drop D...about 5 mins in standard E) it's becoming blasted annoying. So after reading around I've found the grover 406c mini locking rotomatic is a direct fit. So my plan is to buy some black ones (I think the black ones would give my guitar a cool, $2000 prs custom look) so
A: would buying these tuners fix my problem of going flat
B: who thinks the black would look really cool?
C: are the mini locking rotomatics like the fender locking where you press a button to lock or are they automatic locking?
D: has anyone done this with some good or bad results?
E: If you don't like the grovers or think there is a better choice what is it? (must be a direct fit...no modding required)

PRS Semi-Hollow Custom SE

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Meh. Looks like an SE to me.
Well, thanks for confirming you know absolutely nothing about PRS guitars.
I've put those tuners on a Tremonti SE. They were a direct fit, no drilling required. They're automatic, you just put the string through and start tuning, it should take a turn or two to catch the string before it starts tuning. There are other ones that are a direct fit where you need to twist a knob in the back to lock it, but I don't know what model they are (if anyone knows I'd like to know too).

There's a little debate on how much locking tuners affect tuning stability but in my experience it did seem to hold tuning much better after I put the locking tuners on. Before I put them on I would lose tuning often in short jam sessions. Afterward it held tuning much better, I could jam, put the guitar away for a day, and then pick it up again it would be in tune.

And I agree, black tuners look awesome

Hope this helps.
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Sperzel make great locking tuners. Gotoh makes a locking tuner that is very similar to the PRS style.
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the premise is less winding = less stretching. if you wind a string 5 times around the pole, well those 5 wraps stretch too. thats why after a string change you need to break em in for about a day. sometimes more of less. depends on the job.

also, they make string changes way faster.

go with what is a direct fit. ive head good things from grover, sperzel, gotoh, and even the new planet waves