Next song on the album. This one is considerably more aggressive sounding than the last two songs and contains some elements of punk and heavy metal, as well as a little bit of classical influence with the acoustic intro. This one still needs vocals and I may add a little more to the song as time goes on.

You can stream an exported WAV file from the GPX version here:

You can stream the downtuned version here:
3 - Inertia.gp5
3 - Inertia.gpx
3 - Inertia (B baritone tuning).gpx
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I like the classically influenced acoustic intro, it's really jangly. The song structure is unorthodox (ie breakdown right after verse), but it adds to the originality. In my opinion, you could repeat bar 11 once so the part plays twice. The breakdown get a little repetitive, you could try raising the 4th fret 5th string on the right panned guitar and the 11th fret 4th string on the left panned guitar up 2 semi-tones to the 6th fret and 13th fret. The chord intervals are great, some of my favorites that make a eerie tone to it. I'd like to see where you go with this

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Hey man,

A much better version of the song is up there. Drums and riffs are much less repetitive, song in general flows much better and I added an outro. Thing is, I can see where to take that last riff (it would be into a Minus the Bear-sounding epic build up) but I can't decide whether or not to make that the beginning of the next song or the end of this one... suppose it doesn't matter since it's going to be a concept album but meh. Here it is.
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I loved it. The acoustic intro was awesome. Sounded very tense and dissonant, but in a good way. Both verses with the lead guitar were incredible. The verse without the lead, not so much. Sounded kind of boring. The bridge was cool; it would definitely excite me and keep my attention as a listener. The breakdown after the verse was also awesome; great potential for some serious heaviness. The acoustic part at 53-68 is pretty cool, but if you ask me, a clean baritone guitar would push it into pure-awesome-land. I think you should just leave 69 and out out completely, as it sounded pretty meh.

I'm not one for supporting the trend of uncreative djent bands, but this song just SCREAMS baritone tuned to A through an Engl Savage. And it would still be original. Seriously. Also, great use of odd time signatures!

I'd rate it 9/10 as written. Possibly 10/10 with the above changes (IMO of course )
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Dude I think you may be on to something with that baritone idea... in GP6 I threw it on baritone tuned to B and it was pretty killer sounding. I'm going to see what the other songs I've written for this album sound like in that tuning.

I do have one technical question to consider though... obviously I plan on recording this in the future. I'm just concerned that the strings I've got on my guitar right now are heavy enough to be tuned down that low and not slap the frets. What gauge strings would be ideal for tuning to B baritone?
Hey man, thanks for the comments on my song.

This is actually surprisingly well done. The song stayed fresh throughout and it never became predictable. The acoustic intro sounded great, it just seemed like it didn't bear any relation so the rest of the song. But it is nice.

I really liked the tapping riffs over your verses. Those were creative. And the verse starting at 31 had some really great riffs in it, too. It seems a little unconventional but that's what really makes it so original.

And I got to hand it to you, the way you kept changing time signatures actually flows a lot better than I thought it would. It sounds natural.

I enjoyed the acoustic outro more than the intro, but I think it ends abruptly. Maybe if you let the last note ring a little or end it on a chord it would sound good.

Overall a really nice track. Haven't heard anything quite like that in a long time, if ever.
Thanks for the critique man, appreciate it.

Updated the .wav, GP5, and GPX files with the finished instrumental for the song as well as a version of the song tuned to B baritone, which sounds really interesting. I added a clean guitar solo to the outro and gave it a better ending, although you may still find it abrupt. It's a concept album and I have no ideas for the next song yet, so I'm kind of leaving it like that temporarily.