Heya guys, I'm here to ask your opinions on a few things here....

BUT PLEASE NOTE, I'm not here to debate which brand of cables is better, Planet Waves against Monster against Mogami; whatever you use is your personal preference...

(on a personal note, i've been using the same planet waves custom series with compression springs for 4 years, but those compression springs can be a bitch, since they are the only cables that can work flawlessly with my input jack, - since the compression springs kinda wears out the input jack to the point where bla bla bla - ...but that's another story)

I am here today just to ask this, to those who have been using PW cables, what's the primary difference between the custom series and the custom pro series...?? I see quite the price difference between the two...

...and the only difference i can find between the two is that the Custom Pro series comes with "Amphenol gold plated plugs"....do these plugs really make a huge significance in signal transfer...??

So what do you guys think....?? Really appreciate you guys for reading this long arse post.....
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Aite guys, I did just tiny bit of research and found the answer....

First, I emailed the guys at Planet Waves, asking what's the difference between the Custom and Custom PRO series cables, and this was the reply that I got....

It's really just the plug. The custom series has a molded plug which is cheaper to make than the metal cased amphenol.

So, that was their explanation.....but there was a more elegant answer, I came across this site which reviewed all the differences for each Plaanet Waves Instrument Cable series....

Here's the site :


To summarise my whole question, the answer is :

The main upgrade in the Custom Pro cable is the connectors. They are made by Amphenol—a company known for its precision manufacturing and innovative engineering and design.

Also :

Shielding is doubled—a layer of foil under a web of tightly braided shielding—and provides total protection from interference.

So there you go, to those who couldnt answer and to those who were wondering what the answer was....
"Well, yeah, sometimes I get a little too creative."
~Bruce Dickinson~

"Various equipments"
Thanks for sharing man.

Also, with any brand that has the "bring it back when it breaks" policy, I'd just go with their lower end one and replace it when it goes. But that's just me.
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Yeah, I usually do that with cables that I use for external footswitches or what not....I still stick to Custom series from the guitar to effects, from effects to amp....
"Well, yeah, sometimes I get a little too creative."
~Bruce Dickinson~

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Gold plated connectors are just a scam.
Unless ALL your connections (Inside your amp and effects included) are gold plated, it makes no difference signal-wise.

That said, Amphenol makes good stuff.
.....but the way the cables are twisted inside and also the shielding will definitely make a difference right....
"Well, yeah, sometimes I get a little too creative."
~Bruce Dickinson~

"Various equipments"