Hi Guys,

Let me know of the thread with your song so I can critique back

I just want some feedback on this solo I wrote in tux guitar (lead/solo guitar is still midi but rhythm is real guitar).

Written in the c-minor scale. If there's positive feedback I will be recording it properly, Cheers.


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Eh...the first half of the solo is quite...boring, honestly. The only part that caught my attention is the last few seconds. The rest you should scrap. You need to make the solo soar. Of course, said solo should fit into the track it will be in. Anyway, scrap everything except the last few seconds. That's my honest opinion.

Thanks for the feedback! The fact it's all MIDI probably doesn't help but I really don't like this much at all, the lead bends sound really annoying lol. Last few seconds are decent, would be good for a video game jingle or something, otherwise I'm giving it a thumbs down I'm afraid.
Lead "guitar" sounds like a cat meowing at first, but then it gets a bit better. The rest of it (rhythm guitar & drums) sounds pretty good (even though it's very short). I gotta believe you can play real lead guitar better than that MIDI lead, even if you play something really simple. Please review my music at this link: