The track is in both links.

I was listening to a lot of Buckethead before writing and recording this track.
So, I tried my best to capture what he sort of does at times.
The acoustic rhythm was recorded immediately after hearing it in one of my dreams.
The leads were written later that same day.

Any and all feedback/criticism is welcome.
Critique for critique.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my music.
Ok first off the only bucket head song im familiar with is 'Lurker At The Threshold' and I think it is a master piece so you have a high standard to compete with in my mind.

You did really well to emulate his sound! leads at the end both sounded great and sounded like Buckethead.

I would use those weird pulsing chord sounds less in the solo. IMO

Some of the timing may be off in the first half IE, 36 seconds

Hope that helps. Thanks
Thanks for the feedback! Song was alright, got a bit boring for me pretty quickly tbh. A second rhythm part coming in during or just before the distorted solo might've helped, as would a slightly wetter sound on the leads maybe. Agreed with the above comment on timing issues as well.
I love your tone lead tone! Great acoustic tone as well. However when you hold those 2 dissonant notes, the tone sounds like a buzzsaw...you might want to work on that.
That note at 1:40 sounds a bit off
Work on your Vibrato a bit.

Doesn't really remind me of Buckethead, but still a very cool song! Work on it, add more parts, and it'll be a real cracker!


If you don't mind!
Doesn't really sound anything like Buckethead to me, but I can see how listening to certain parts of his playing could influence this. My big criticism of this type of music in general is that it doesn't really go anywhere. It just kind of sticks with one "mood," and stays there, harmonically, rhythmically, dynamically. Switching to a distorted tone helps of bit. Try listening to a bit of classical music and feel how the chords can move and outline slight changes in mood, but still reinforce the overall story.
Acoustic intro is very nice, really pretty. Good tone and recording quality also there. Like the solo. Nice tone on the lead, good phrasing. A couple of people have said this, but I think it'd really improve if you changed up that acoustic bit at some point rather than just repeating it for the whole song. I mean it's certainly a good part, but some changes in rhythm and texture would improve the song a lot I think. It's impressive that you wrote and recorded it all in a day but perhaps if you took a bit longer to write it you could develop some more ideas and make it better. Nonetheless, I very much enjoyed listening to it, pretty cool really.

The acoustic intro reminds me of the Padmasana era of Buckethead, the solo has a lot of feel in it and i really like the recording quality, not professional, nor too lo-fi. Just the right fit. I wish you could've made the solo a bit complex, and the dissonant bit not too repetitive. If you'd worked a bit more, you'd could've told me it was a new song by Buckethead and i'd have fallen for it :p
Anyway, i enjoyed listening. Thanks for sharing it with us.