SO, since I never got a direct response to help me with my situation from the GB&C Pickup Thread, i've decided to copypasta my post from there in the hopes that somebody may see this new thread, and help me out, or point me in the right direction. Either way, if this is wrong, and it hurts the children of Africa, whom can only be remedied by deleting/removing this thread post, so be it, if not, please read carefully, and give me any and all feedback, or ideas, or suggestions. If you read it all, I pinky swear to give you a slice of cake.

I read the beginning of the thread, so i'll follow the loose sorta format from page 2, my question, in relation to what will follow, is this:

What single coil pickup can you recommend for an HSH configuration? Specifically for vintage style tones? I do intend on having the humbuckers coil-tapped as well, so that's also a factor to take into account for the middle single coil. I love the Fender Custom Shop '69 Strat Pickup Set, but as you'll find in the choices i've made for humbuckers, i'm wondering what kind of single coil options I have from boutique pickup makers (in case you don't read the rest, the HH's i've chosen are Stephens Design) before I settle on the Fender Custom Shop '69s.

Conversely, what single coil pickup can you recommend for an HSH configuration using EVH Wolfgang Pickups as the HH pickups; therefore do you recommend any middle singles for high output style stuff, but that also clean up nicely at low gains and volumes?

NOTE: I intend on keeping all the singles for the HSH configuration underneath the pickguard, to mimic this model Fender Custom Shop '59 Stealth Esquire Relic,

They also don't need to be noiseless, I intend on trying to wire the single using the John Suhr Backplate Silent Single Coil System (BPSSC), or if the pickup is reverse-wound, I guess that's fine too (would that affect the humbuckers?)

Side question, what're anybody's thoughts on Rock Monkey's Neobuckers?

1-Type (brand and model) of guitar you're upgrading: Custom Fender Jaguar style guitar, kinda like this:

2-Current pickups the guitar has: It's a work in progress and I plan on building a few variants, but with regards to passive pickups, two will have two Stephen Design Humbucker Pickups. Specifically these:


And these


Another will have EVH Wolfgang Pickups; another will have a Fernandes Sustainer (in neck cavity), a Lace Sensor Blue (as S. Coil under p. guard), and a Lace Sensor Red-Red Dually (bridge cavity)

3- Current amplifier: '80s Fender Twin Reverb II Amp Head, and B-52 AT-412 Cab. I'm thinking of chucking them though for just a normal Fender Twin Reverb Reissue and/or gutting one into a head and cab config. w/Jensen speakers, or if i'm lucky, a Mesa Mark V head. Either way, assume a vintage style reverb having amp.

4-Desired tone (be specific): For the single, as far-fetched and crazy as this sounds, this about sums it up,

5-Budget: Considering the Stephens Design pickups are about $500 a pair, i'm willing to spend anything less than that amount, lol.

Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance to anybody that can help me pick the right single-coil.

One more thing, I use pedals, lots, so yes I do derive my OD and distortion usually from my pedals, and sometimes from the amp itself.

Oh and as for wiring, i'll direct those questions to the Wiring Thread, or hire Guitar-Electronics to help me out.

I lied about the cake.