So me and my family just bought my brother a new drum set to replace his really old crappy one thats falling apart, but we want to play a joke on him (thats how our family is) in the process. What is the best way to sabotage the old drumset so that it breaks and looks like a freak accident? im open to just about any ideas on this!
Give it to someone who can´t afford to buy one and tell your brother that it has been stolen.
well, thats what i had said to my parents, but they said they bought it, and they decided it was either this or they were going to office space it >.> and as much fun as that would be, my mischievous side would rather do a prank, i just dont know enough about drums to pull it off.

its a really old set they picked up for like 50 bucks anyways, and its so ghetto rigged that its really not that big of a deal. it would probably be harder to give it away to be honest!
sharpen the drumsticks and the bass pedal and get him the play the loudest song he can. if all goes well, he'll destroy the kit himself and he won't know what to blame
not too sure how noticable this would be, but cut a slit in the heads. maybe not all of them, just one or 2, but the bass drum for sure. so when he starts playing, he actually destroys them.
or loosen all the hardware to the point of it barely staying together so when he starts playing it pretty much falls apart
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Pretend you are mad at him and kick the living shit out of the kit.
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Replace the heads with paper cut outs, assuming they're white heads?
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