I've been working on writing a little differently focusing on an idea for a structure or melody, simplifying, and filling in the blanks afterwards. So far, its good I hope ^^;; I'm still a very noob writer so Some input would be very much appreciated : )

Also in your opinion what genre would this be, Im just curious.
V i s i o n4.gp5
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updated it with a midi MP3 thingy, Hopefully I can finish it sometime this week.

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Sounded like something out of a newer Megaman game. I like it.

Haha! you got it spot on. Classic megaman music is one of my influences C:

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I want to hear the finished version of this later
Also, it doesn't seem like a piece written by a noob

Thanks C: It feels noob to me because ive only been doing this for a short time >.< I appreciate the vote of confidence!