This is the first verse of a song I've been writing recently. Basically it's about a "Stuck-in-rut-junkie" who thinks she's better than everyone else... Cos lets be honest, we all know a drug addict who's totally up herself.
*edit* I have just added in a chorus so give it a read and let me know if you like it.

It's an armchair, not a throne
Grow yourself a thinking cap, and then a brain bone

The doctor wasn't right
Nurture fought courageously but nature won this time

(Rhythm changes here)

A slap on the wrist, after you powder your nose
You've been knitting again, and you can tell that it shows

From the looks on it's face, of disgust and disgrace
The mirror makes it harder to let go.

Give her a spoon, she'll dig for a mile
Hand her a spade, she'll kill
Happiness comes easy from a bottle full of pills

She knows what she's been taught
but I doubt she'll learn new tricks
If nowhere has a middle then this is it.
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this has alot of potential. i love your choice of the phrase "brain bone" i also know someone like this unfortunately... cant wait to read more!