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It's been a few months since I've been here and I'm back with more questions per usual. So I have my Fender HRD and a Fender Blues Jr. and they're good amps no doubt, I actually just gave the Blues Jr. to my sister. Anyways, I want a new amp because I find that when I play bigger shows, I can't get my HRD to stay clean at higher volumes. The volume I can get is fine, I just feel like I can't keep it there and have crisp cleans. I was thinking about getting a new amp, maybe an older Fender blackface or silverface and I have two in mind at the moment. At the local music store, they have a blackface Bandmaster head a matching 2x12 cab, and they have a silverface Pro Reverb. Should I get a new amp? Not only because it sounds better, but also because they stay clean at high volumes. Or should I swap out my HRD speaker and get an extension cab and swap that speaker out as well and have a nice complement or match them?
Thanks in advance
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If you need more headroom, get more wattage.
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Well I have a Fender Princeton 65 DSP that model or the Princeton 65 Reverb should work great. They stay very clean at high volume and resonate in a large area quite nicely. It also goes very well with pedals so if you are looking for a good loud and clean Fender then the Princeton is definitely the way to go.
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Had the same problem with the Hot Rod, I got a mic, miced it up and worked fine. (btw mic is cheaper than amp)
But on the other end a nice stack is always good
Maybe you can replace the tubes with those with higher bias points (more headroom).
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You could try replacing the speaker(s) with ones that have a higher spl rating, thats a much better way to get louder than getting higher wattage, the higher the spl the louder it will be per watt.
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