I recorded the solo mostly in one take (improvised it), with a little bit of patchwork and filling up here and there to cover up some bum notes. No bass yet, but I'll be adding a programmed bass in a few days. (No shred lol I can't shred for shit!)


There it is. Chilled out track.

Temme how u liek mai phrasing!


EDIT: C4C!! I promise!
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I like how this sounds. Nice guitar tone. Awesome playing. You did struggle with a couple fast parts just as WalkinDude91 stated. Very noticeable, i'd say. You've got skill. I'd like to hear this as a full track. Anyway, it sounds really good, just need to touch-up your playing some more.

Thanks for the crit!
I've been looking for people doing slow chilled bluesy stuff and your post fitted the bill nicely. Great playing and liked the way that the solo keeps moving forwards and developing. Any tips on how you think about this? And have you thought about stretching a solo like this over several minutes?

BTW I'd really welcome you thoughts on my effort at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1482729