First Breath/Last Sigh

The hunt is on again
The prey
Still the same
Yet ever fluctuating
Through the ages
And the eye of the human condition

Progressing through states material
With a constant mentality
Survival of the fittest
A driving force defied
Momentum pushing forward
In spite of the friction
Of ignorance

The first breath of evolution
Is the last sigh of extinction

First breath
Last sigh

A missile speeding through the continuum
Constantly broken down
And rebuilt yet again
Better and more futile
Stuck in a loop
From the first breath of evolution
To the last sigh of extinction
As always the genre is something around Prog DM/Melodic DM/DM. Of course C4C
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this doesnt seem to flow well to me...
but i like the lines "a driving force defied" and "in spite of the friction of ignorance"
i think if you rewrote it with a meter in mind it would flow better. good work though!