I've recently purchased a Line 6 Pod HD (the desktop bean) and a FBV Express MkII foot controller. I'm looking for some way to get good drum tracks going with it. Granted, I haven't printed out the real manual yet - the skimpy one doesn't go into too much depth, so maybe I haven't seen what I am looking for yet.

Is there a cheapo drum machine or software that I can use with the Pod HD to play guitar with? Free is better, but if there is something good and the price is worth it - I'm interested. I'm less than a novice with music software; I have a macbook air with garage band on it. I'm looking into it to see if it offers drum/rhythm tracks to use with the pod.

(GOOD TIP: Amazon has a great trade in program where you send in old books, dvds, video games, etc. and they pay you in store credit. They cover shipping and if they don't accept your stuff they pay to send it back to you. I sold four boxes worth of stuff and got over $800 in credit! That's how I was able to afford the Pod and pedals, and even put money toward my Fender Strat American Special... Check it out - they provide a list of what they accept for trade-ins and how much you can get based on condition. I don't work for Amazon - just trying to help my brothers and sisters out )
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