Hey guys. I wrote this a couple of weeks ago. As you can read in the thread title, it's something in the vein of ambient/post-rock with, I suppose, a kind of soundtrack-ish vibe.

I used a podxt live for the guitars and bass, drums are S2.0 (Hit Factory kit) and I used Reason for synths. Most of the samples are from freesound.org, except for that great hummingbird recording at the end... I can't recall where I got it form, but kudos to whomever did it, I love it


C4C ing:

That was honestly up right up there in my ratings. Very good textures, great chord progressions. Reverse delay intro was great and your use of samples is a lesson to us all. Very good.

I just listened to it again to find something to complain about and I couldn't. Great song.
Really great tune! Only thing I can complain about is that it gets a little bit to repetitive; it could use some solo break or something like that. Otherwise that track is pretty much great as is. Nice tone from all the instruments and especially the guitar.
Rock on!