Hey guys,

This is a song that is actually going to be used a piece for my A-Levels, I hope you enjoy it.

It's also going to be a part of my upcoming 3 song EP, all of which you can hear on my soundcloud and that will be released as a whole with artwork etc within a month.

Hope you guys like what I'm doing, feel free to download any of the music on my soundcloud that you like, it's all ready for you, wishing to find a home on your hard-drive.

Here it is:

Rainforest - William Tucker
Awesome! Gorgeous textures man. If anything, I'd say it sounds a little bit muffled but oh well, I read it's just a demo so anyway, I loved the song. At first I thought the drums could come up a little bit but on second listen I'm not so sure anymore... I think they work pretty good the way they are!

Great job!

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