Hopefully this topic is in the correct forum.

I have an '86-7 MIJ Fender Strat and the tremolo springs are extremely strong. They have so much tension that they are extremely hard to get on, and I have to wrap something around my hand and attach it to the spring in order to stretch those bad boys out enough that they will reach the tremolo piece.

I only have to use 2 springs to have the bridge hard against the guitar.

Does anyone know where I can get some gentler springs...? Also I have seen some people have their bridges float just a tad so that you don't get a knocking noise when you put the tremolo bar back. I can't achieve this because with just 1 spring it is impossible for my guitar to stay in tune (okay it stays in tune, but a whole step lower than what I want).

Any tips?

Simon of Cease to Resist
loosen the claw in the Trem cavity a little.
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The springs still have a ton of tension on them. In videos people seem to be able to just grab them and stretch them out far enough. Mine are ridiculous...