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So as you guys know, I post music fairly frequently on the forum... I know what it sounds like when I write it... But the author of a song... Never really gets a true first impression of the song they write... ...Now this is going to be truly bizarre.. but... Can you guys like... Look at my works... and then try to write a song (maybe not a whole song, but at least a section or two...) like you think i would... and post it on this thread... So I can kinda see the impression you guys get with my music...? :\ I know that's bizarre... But I've never really "heard" my music for the first time... If that makes sense...?

// EDIT: Umm... I included a few new files for you guys to check out...? :3 No critique required... ALSO... I'm open to just freely critiquing if you desire.
[05] She's All Mine.gp5
[13] Hidden Track.gp5
[11] You're Gone.gp5
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So you want us to look at your work and write a song in what we perceive to be the same style as you?
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Very interesting request. I don't have the time to write an entire song, but I can tell you what they reminded me of!

She's All Mine: Reminded me of Sigur Ros, especially the beginning.

Hidden Track: Reminds me (vaguely) of some early Buckethead compositions! Don't quite know why though...

You're Gone: Didin't remind me of anything in particular, but it wasn't quite as unique as the others to me. The melodies and lyrics are spectacular in this song!
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