hey guys.

i learned the sweet child solo, and even though i can play it well, i couldnt get it to sound like it. mostly the part where the wah first comes in where you bend 15 a couple of times(if you've learned it you probably know what im talking about)

my gear is: epi les paul, marshall jcm 2000dsl, cry baby wah....no distortion pedal.

anyway, i was jamming with some people the other day. one of the guys had a line 6 floor pod(multi effects pedal). needless to say the distortion on line 6 is pretty crazy. anyway, this thing also had wah. i played the sweet child solo, and it sounded just like it.

so im wondering was it that the wah on the line 6 pod is better than the crybaby, or is it the added distortion gave me the sound i was looking for?

im asking because if it was the distortion, then i need a distortion pedal. thinking of just getting a line 6 pocket pod express. cus even though i know its a little digital, i know the distortion on those things is sick.
Get a tube screamer for your amp, you don't need a distortion for a JCM2000
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^Yeah, you really don't need a distortion.. Otherwise.. It would be quite ridiculous cause Slash did not use crazy distortion sounds.. At least not on Sweet Child O' Mine.
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Maybe you just want another wah?
Did you play the same guitar through the Line 6?
If the wah AFTER the distortion, you could try putting the wah pedal into your amps FX-loop to get a similar tone.

Other than that I really don't know.
However, AFAIK Slash never really used distortion pedals.
yea ive been told get a tubescreamer before.

and as far as i know slash didnt use distortion pedals, but im not trying to be slash, i was just trying to get the overdriven/distorted wah sound like in the sweet child solo.

i kinda feel like i need a distortion pedal. i like the metal sound even though its a bit digital. i liked the line 6 pod, the thing had amazing sustain and distortion. and i played through a different guitar but i doubt its that

and as far as another wah, i dont think so, i like my crybaby; i was just wondering if it was the distortion or the wah on the line 6 pod that made it sound like i wanted.

ill def try putting the wah through my fx loop thanks.