Hi guys,

Just a dead quick one! Part if the nut on my tele broke and my local guitar shop said they would charge £40 to make a new one from Bone and fit it but I've seen on eBay that you can buy nuts pretty cheap and read on here that they aren't difficult to replace.

Why is this shop quoting
So much? And should I do it myself?
I just do it myself?

The nut is still on
My guitar so should it come off pretty easy then?
The shop is charging so much for labor. They will probably cut you a new nut from scratch. The ones you find on ebay are probably precut. This is fine as long as it matches your string heights and spacings properly.
Getting one online is totally acceptable and it will be a good nut you just have to make sure that it is going to fit properly. It's an easy install after that.
Thanks for your reply. Yeah the shop did say they would make it from scratch. The guitar is a '97 Korean squire tele. If I buy a telecaster specific nutshould that fit regardless? How do I take the existing (broken) nut off?
Some Fender nuts have curved bottoms, with a little tab on the bottom that fits in a slot. They are easy to remove-they are meant to be replaced, so they are only lightly glued in(if at all)-get a Tusq nut, they make a BUNCH of model-specific ones, and sound GREAT!-I went bonkers with these after I put one on an SG. On the other hand, if you get the shop to do it, IF THEY ARE GOOD, a hand-cut and fitted nut is the best, and worth it, because the nut is really important to the sound and playing feel of the instrument.
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The shop is charging so much because simply glueing on a new nut isn't the same a properly fitting the nut. To properly fit the nut you need to cut the slots to the correct height so that your action on the 1st couple frets is low enough to easily play things like the F chord. If you simply glue on a premade nut the slots will probably not be deep enough making many chords hard to play and throughing the intonation of your 1st 3 or 4 frets off.

At the end of the day, it's worth paying 40 quid to have it done right.
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