E 2 h3p 2     2
B          3       3p 0h 3

Im having trouble playing this lick from an iron maiden solo. I beleive they are 16th notes at about 150bpm but when i try to play it at a decent speed i play the hammer on and pull off part too fast relative to the picking part that happens in the middle. When I hear it on the CD it sounds like a continous cycle of notes that just flow with no notes accented.

Do you think there is an easier way to play it ? Should i change what notes to hammer etc?

I've tried slowing right down but everytime i get to about 100bpm. My hammer and pull offs are fast than my picking.

Also having slight muting sroubles when playing with distortion

3.45 in this vid

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If you're having trouble playing it at 100 you won't be able to play it consistently at 150 - that's where your dynamic issues are coming from. Slow it down to a speed you can play correctly every time and then speed up from there, slowly, with an ear out for your picking dynamics.
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You just have to be patient until the lick is ingrained in the muscle memory. The fingers have to be in complete control.

If you can play it 10 times with the hammer-ons and pull-offs at the same speed as the picking part, then increase the bpm on the metronome a bit.