Hey, I love the riffs and the leads! Great vocalist too, he's powerful. Only thing I can think of crit-wise is production-wise, it's not so good. But, everything is understandable I can tell this is some good work without all the touching up. That's a good thing to know, a lot of people sound just crappy raw. Keep this thrashy stuff up guys, you rock.

I liked and shared your page

crit mine?
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Intro solo is excellent, nice balance of fast runs and melody. Decent vocals, I like the group shouts in the chorus.. Second solo is excellent as well, fits perfectly. Cool riffs too. Song has a very good overall flow and rhythm to it. Production is decent enough.
Overall, excellent, the lead playing is my favourite part. The solo are really well thought out and executed.

Also Odyssey Dawn is an awesome band name!

The rhythm guitars are tight! Nice melodies. The lead guitar could stand out a little better EQ-wise towards the beginning; it sounds better in the middle of the song. Vocals are good! Drums are good too! Kinda reminds me of a cross between Metallica & Dio (this is a compliment). Nice recording overall! Please review my music at this link: