(for all y'all who remember the J-D-H series I posted here 5 years ago, here's your reprise)

Sheltered your mouth with my split tongue, halves
dancing like when I met you and there were Christmas lights strung
around your neck because you were a reindeer
just for the hell of it
and I fell for all of it
Rockland skin Camden snow dandruff drawing out lubricant
after I thought they had stopped manufacturing
care packages for my tearduct model
years ago (call me mr. leper keith
cause I’m finally shedding baby teeth like
necessary snake skin
under a cowboys foot
whose looking to make new boots out of an undisclosed past)
passing Frisbee in the hollow
(speaking just enough to know we’re both still capable of speaking)
so, like, what are you gonna do tomorrow?
homework prolly maybe shimmy down to the hotel lobby
for a quick one
slick up the gin gun gon’ drink into a frenzy
until your beauty comes back to me
(in a hot flash
mad dash to the faucet but its too late to recover
drunk dial my mother
have her talk me down
come around hugging porcelain gods
dynamite lodged cleanly in my mouth
wire in the plunger)
and the hunger
for your body
that I’ve never had
and do not want
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