Yo guys,

I'm uploading the finished material from my band Pigeon Lake. We play sort of a mix of stoner, thrash and doom, all smashed to the ground with simplicity and alcohol. It's as if Pantera and KoRn got high, and had a redneck alcoholic baby... or something.

Anywho, we've got a facebook page (Pigeon Lake), and one of the songs I'm uploading here has allready been recorded - as you can see on our page.

We are still in the process of finishing details and completing the last two tracks, so there's more to come in the future.
Hope you like it, and C4C, of course, if wanted.
1. Sinister Gaze (Intro).gp5
2. Daddy found a knife.gp5
3. Wifebeater.gp5
4. D-Day.gp5