Hello there!

I recently bought a guitar but i had to send it back cos it was in a very bad condition. The second guitar they sent me, was in better condition, but now I am having trouble with it, and I just don't want to send it back to the company, cos after my attempts to remove the strap buttons, they would say it's not in a "new condition", and that would have costs for me.

So, it happens that I want to remove the strap buttons to install strap locks, and I just can't.
The screw wont move, no matter what, and it is of some cheap quality, so the screw is pretty much screwed up (See what I did there? ) cos I tried to remove it, just like you would try to remove any other screw. Now it sucks to be a 4ner, cos I can't really tell the name of the tool I used, but its a screwer(?) like this one:

Now, I would like you to tell me how can I remove this damn screw! Here is a picture of how it looks like right now.

Hope you can help me, and thank you!
i believe that would be a 'screwdriver' (same as song by white stripes)

anyway...it's always painful to remove screws with the head fck'd up. Your options afaik are:

1) try getting bit bigger screwdriver that fits better and maybe doesn't have completely pointy end (not really sure how to explain that in english though >< something like.....if you look at the tip it should be more like \_/ instead of just \/), it could give you just the little bit extra of grip you need

2) try reaching there with some kind of adjustable tool that would allow you to grip the screw from outside (some kind of pliers) but i don't think there's enough room around the head for this

3) if everything else fails, you will have to drill the screw out (pretty much means that you take a drill size similarly as the screw and drill a hole where the screw is). This is obviously destructive method. I guess you don't care about ruining the screw and possibly the strap buttons as well, but you might miss the angle and drill the hole wrongly, then you'd need to fill it again, re-drill it, etc.

edit: just realized, if the button isn't too loose, you can try gripping the whole button (with pliers again) and try turning it. It could loosen the screw a bit and then you might be able to finish with screwdriver,
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If push comes to shove and the above methods don't work out, you can saw off the strap button and then use pliers. It's a little safer on the guitar than drilling out the screw, but you'll destroy the button obviously.
Hello there!
Thank you all !!
I managed to remove it now! Turns out the oil I put on it decided that it would have any effect .

Forced the screw to turn, and it eventually turned. If I didn't add the oil, it wouldn't work!

Thank you once again, and one more strap button to remove !

ps: Iceland, beautiful country, KorYi!