Selling my Blackstar HT-Stage 60 2x12 valve combo. 60w valve amp offering 3 channels and awesome tone. Amp is in immaculate condition and comes with original footswitch and additional genuine blackstar vinyl protective cover. Gonna be ordering a dt25 so need to sell this to finance.

Details at http://www.blackstaramps.co.uk/products/ht-amps/ht-60h.html

£500 collected from Glasgow, or ship at buyers expense

Do you know how much postage would cost (roughly), I am located near Milton Keynes so collection would be a bit far I tried out the smaller 2 channel ht-60 at a local store and liked it a lot, do you think that this would be fine for studio, gigging and bedroom usage? Cheers
postage should be between £20-30 depending on the insurance add on, I'm happy to cover the insurance though so call it £520 shipped. If you like the soloist you'll like the stage it sounds amazing the extra channel although sharing an eq is really usable for adding a good crunch channel. For gigging it's great, fills a room easy and sounds great, it's ok for home practice can sound good for a loud amp as the master volume is very responsive but if that was the focus you'd be better off with an ht20 imo (I'm also selling one of them btw ) if your gonna be gigging with it and just want to play at home you'll be fine but the amp needs to go past 9 o'clock to start sounding it's best and that's already quite loud for a home with anyone else in it, cranked it sounds amazing though. studio use will be fine it's a very quiet amp and has a great emulated output if you can't mic, I believe it can be used with the cab disconnected for silent recording but don't quote me on that. If you want to know anything else let me know.
Yeh I'm looking for mainly a gigging amp that can be used in a studio and at home, this sounds like it fits the job quite well is it the ht20 head or combo? and how much for? just out of interest I think the HT60 sounds more like what I'm looking for but you never know Also how responsive is the ISF feature, does it effect the tone alot? I didn't really get to play around with it when trying the soloist
The ht20 is a combo looking for £300 I was gonna use 2 for a stereo rig but would be through a pa most of the time as well, for small gigs it'd be fine but if the primary use is gigging/recording the ht60 is a better amp imo and the speakers are much better in it. The isf does change sound quite a lot within reason, it doesn't blend from a jcm to a recto but you can feel the mid focus move and the amp tighten up as you use it, the mode buttons have a much more drastic effect though and really add a lot of versatility to the type of gain you get. In all hoesty I'm not that much of a tweaker though so haven't played with it a lot, I just find sounds I'm happy with and leave it there most of the time.