Hey guys,

I just wanted to say that this is our first EP, and that I mixed and mastered it!

It's also my first production.

I would love your feedback, musically, and recording wise :

I had to lol at that girl's voice... I think you should add reverb to it so she doesn't just sound like she's talking into a mic with nothing else to do. Hehe but I guess that's not too important, I like how the music starts. Real cool, the piano part into that heavy 3 chord riff is bad ass.

Fuuuuuuuck! haha nice intro. Are these drums programmed? They sound sort of like DFH. I don't like the vocals, but the music is pretty legit guys. And the production, as far as I can tell, it decent. Guitar player(s) is tight, and there are some good leads in here.

not a band, just me.
Thanks mate ! Yes DFH, upgraded to superior , and will be doing better quality for the next !

I will check you out and comment on your post
Good gracious mother nature who hath sent its wrath upon us !

What an incredible EP! How on earth did you manage to get such a good mix with DFH??? I DON'T BELIEVE YOU hahaha

nah seriously ! This is quality death metal ! So much anger ! And the music, it's very original, I can't compare you to any band. I hear so much influences.

Excellent job ! Pm'd you for a question related to the mix
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