So I bought a Martin DX1AE about two months ago at Guitar Center. Everything was great but a couple of weeks ago the electric aspect stopped working. I was playing the acoustic-electric on my Peavey Vypr 30W Modeling Amplifier but after a while, it stopped working on it... of course I can still play it strictly acoustically. I did some tests to narrow down the problem and it seems like the output jack on the guitar has problems. It only works on certain settings of the amplifier but it cuts out to the point where you hear nothing from the amp. When you do hear it, there's a lot of feedback and static. I didn't get the warranty from GC on it, so if I can't figure out a way to fix it myself, I'll have to pay to get it fixed, but I don't have any money. Has anybody had any problems with this?
Try emailing Martin and ask them if they can do anything for you. Also try asking GC. It doesn't hurt to ask.
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