Hey guys, got something new (electro-house) again:


Went for a slight change in synth style (piano/organ styled synths), which is my main concern behind the song - do they sound 'good' and more to the point, do they fit?

Also another help would be pointing out mixing issues in this song

C4C as always.

Intro sounds pretty good, though it could be considered slightly cheesy (but I love 80's synth stuff, so I'm OK with it). At 0:31 it takes on a more modern sound which is cool! By 1:05 (and similar), the sound is pumping (a lot of compression) just a little bit too much for me, but I understand if you like the effect. Overall, I think it sounds quite good, much of it is really good. I think the synth tones work well overall (occassionally slightly harsh though). I like the brief vocal clips. Check out my synth tunes at this link please:

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