So I was restrining my FR earlier today when I noticed a problem I haven't come across yet. I don't know how it happened but on the side with the high E string the bridge has somehow slipped off of the big screw you use to adjust the action. Does anyone know how to fix this and get it back on? Or will I have to go to a professional to get this corrected? Thanks guys.
Easy enough, Loosen all the strings, put your bridge back in place and retune. I will tell you the biggest part of restringing a floyd, do it ONE AT A TIME. otherwise there's no tension and this happens.
*insert witty statement here*
Thanks. I couldn't manage to get it back into place while it was together so I ended up having to take the whole thing apart.
exactly why people bash floyds. They get too lazy to actually learn how to use them and maintain them. Way to NOT be one of those people.
*insert witty statement here*