Hey UG. I've got another newbie question. I've been checking out pickups for my epiphone SG, and I want something that has a nice fat, dark sound. I've seen manufacturers post specs such as resistance and output. What do these mean when it comes to the pickup's sound? My best guess was that if the resistance was higher than the darker the pickup sounds, but I'm in great doubt. Thanks for any helpful feedback.
Higher impedance means a hotter signal. Depending on the setup that can affect your tone in different ways.
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Quote by LeviMan_2001
In general, yes. That said, there are quite a few factors that affect how a pup sounds.

Care to tell about those other factors?

While we're at it, does anyone know of a good warm, dark humbucker (i'm very into clean tones)
The following is in general and may not hold true for all pickups.

A higher resistance generally means more turns on the coil. More turns relates to a higher inductance. A higher inductance moves the corner frequency further down, so you have less high frequency content. So the pick up will have more miss and bass frequency content. Too much and the pickup may be muddy when clean. Sometimes these pickups have a really smooth overdrive.

A telecaster pickup can be different as they use a thinner wire which relates to more resistance with fewer turns.

The resistance can be loosely related with the outpt signal, but there are far more factors than that. It would be possible to make a really hot pickup with a low resistance if you used gold or silver wire.
just so you consider all the options, there are cheaper ways to darken your sound

thicker strings
flatwound strings ;-)
lower resistance pots
larger value capacitor
lowering pickup height
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Also, there's the type of magnet, ceramics are brighter and higher output, alnicos are warmer and lower output.

not to mention there are 8 types of alnico magnet, although generally you only see Alnico II and V as standard with a few specialist pups using III and IV
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