Im in a rock mood now, and im triying to write some hard rock stuff... do you know any rock riff? I'm taking Burn it to the ground as an example. I'm talking about ''sex drugs and rock roll'', stuff... no ballads or socially engaed stuff

(PS.on't bash Nickelback. thats not the point here.)
i have a feelin this thread is ganna burn to the ground and the ashes get pissed on by nickleback haters

just throwin that out there
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I remember being into 3 Day's Grace a lot, their riffs were always catchy. Not my thing anymore but check some of their stuff out.
Stuff by Saliva:
Survival of the Sickest
Black Sheep
King of the Stereo

etc... I forget. They're mostly drop tuned power chord based riffs.
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Quote by VVolverin3
They're mostly drop tuned power chord based riffs.

Prwtty much what i lookin for :P

And i know Three Days Grace, fav band besides Story of the Year. Talking of it, Does any one play a bit of them and can tell me how hard to play they are? I curently learning Until the Day I Die, but their later stuff seems to be harder to play...
Story of the Years newer stuff isn't really all that hard to play. It just sucks because most of the songs from their second album to their current one is all Drop Db.
Three Days Grace: Animal I Have Become
Not a big fan of TDG but the riff in that is addicting.

Well....Nickelback has alot of good rock riffs, but thats all thats good about them. Umm...look at the songs off their silver side up album: hollywood, just for, etc. I love those songs until the singing kicks in.

One Step Closer- Linkin Park!!!!!!

I know this is sorta going into metal territory: Another Way To Die and Down With the Sickness by disturbed.

P.S: Not trying to bash on Kroeger or anything but I see him as more of a country singer. He Either that or kinda like an AC/DC type band with really throaty vocals and growls.
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Quote by HH_Emo_666
Story of the Years newer stuff isn't really all that hard to play. It just sucks because most of the songs from their second album to their current one is all Drop Db.

I know that The Constant is pretty basic, but The Black Swan and In the Wake Of Determination have some fast riffs and solos...

And for Animal I Have Become, well its my first warmup. Ots just so funny to play Then I try to play Time of Dying as fast as I can...

Also, Drop Db Rock!! why does it sucks? My personal favorite tuning with Drop D. Why do you thinks it sucks? Drop C sucks, too low for me.
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Dog With Crown and Earring - Joe Satriani
Mind Storm - Joe Satriani (7 string, but you could play it on the E, still sounds good)
A National Acrobat - Black Sabbath
Sabbra Cadabbra - Black Sabbath
Holy Diver - Dio
Rainbow in the Dark - Dio
Heroes - Shinedown

Yes I know Sabbath and Dio are metal, but by today's standards they aren't all too "heavy" - though they really are.
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As far as making your own riffs, use the KISS method: keep it simple, stupid. I've always thought that Rage Against The Machine had amazing riffs and grooves, and after learning some tabs of their songs, their fairly simple to play. Even Morello's solos, minus the effects.

But please, even if you do like Nickelback, please don't try and be a "radio-rock" band like (current) Nickelback or Seether, or Three Days Grace, or whatever MTV counts as rock. Excpet for Foo Fighters, their awesome.
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How about some alterbridge? Buckcherry? Motley Crüe?
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I DO listen to a LOT of things, but i like to play ''waht MTV calls rock''. And yes, its rock, just not old rock. It is called modern rock. And I'm happy that MTV have some, and don't just run trough Pop/Hip Hop/Rap shit, that doesnt even have a meaning...
Out ta get me by GNR? Has a fairy meaty riff at the start, and iirc its very simple to play.
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