Poll: New pickups for my schecter hellraiser
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bare knuckle aftermaths
16 84%
dimarzio evo/liquifire
6 32%
seymour duncan custom/full shred
4 21%
emg 89/81tw
6 32%
Voters: 19.
I've narrowed down which pickups i should put or keep in my schecter hellraiser. Im down to bare knuckle aftermaths calibrated set, dimarzio evo brdige and liquifire neck, or seymour duncan custom bridge and full shred neck. Or should i just keep the 89 in the bridge and 81tw in the neck. Yes i switched the 89 to the bridge because the 81 sounded thin and not warm to me.But im still unsure about the 89 because it sounds sterile to me. In a bridge pickup im looking for a very tight percusive pickup for metal/metalcore. I also need it to be articulate when played lead or when playing a chord to be able to hear every note. In a neck pickup i want something that will give me a warm clean sound while also being able to play lead and for it to be articulate as well. My amp is a 6505 112. Also if you have any other pickups to suggest please let me know.
I selected all of them cause I could....

Always hear people raving on about Bareknuckles
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Dimarzio Crunchlab/Liquifire or Bareknuckle Painkiller set.

The most "clear" pickups you'll find if you're after large chords and articulate leads.

I've got the same guitar as you, and I've narrowed my search down to those two. The painkillers would be my first choice, although finding a decently priced set in Australia is impossible.

$450~ for a matched set? You've gotta be joking.
Would be a better bet searching ebay or ordering them directly from BKP if possible I guess.
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Quote by Mopy
The painkillers would be my first choice, although finding a decently priced set in Australia is impossible.

I know what you mean..
tight an percussive, the aftermaths are supposed to do that VERY well
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I don't blame you either Mopy. I was really considered the dimarzio's because i didnt know if the $420 was worth it. Then i would also have to change the eletronics.
Out of your list, I'd say the Aftermaths, but I'm not sure that your amp really justifies them. Have you upgraded it at all?

You should also look into SD Blackouts.
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I've tried blackouts before and I was a very big fan of them. Right now im kinda leaning towards the john petrucci set the crunch lab and liquifire. it seems to give me what i want and at a good price. Im still unsure though how that would sound in my all mahogany hellraiser.
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Im just worried that the after math will be too bright or thin like the emg 81. Or would the 6505 make up for that because it is a dark amp?
I selected the Dimarzio and BKP options to show support for the brands but not necessarily your configuration in the poll.

The Crunch Lab (or D Sonic) would probably be better than the Evo once you start cranking the 6505 I think. If you can afford the BKP's get them, if you can't (or are unsure at the moment) get a Dimarzio set
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Or should I just keep my emg set. The only thing I really didn't like about the 89 in the bridge was that it could be a little tighter (a tube screamer might fix that) or new pickups. That and it was sterile and not normal or organic sounding.