Hey Ug

I've recently started to record some of my own music, and i was wondering what you guys thought. I know the quality isnt that great because the equipment i have at my disposal is decent at best, but id still love to hear any feedback on it!


Too Canadian.

Seriously though, it's pretty good. Worth a listen.
Money beats soul every time.

Money beats soul...every time.

Money...beats soul...every...goddamn...time.
It's a good tune, but it doesn't sound very good. If you upped that, I think it could be successful!
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Im curious as to what you mean by doesn't sound very good?

The quality and mixing. The playing and composition is good!
I've been searching the posts for someone working on slow atmospheric music and stumbled across your work. I thought Canadian Winter worked really well. Great mood and nice choice of voices for the instruments. I'm no expert but I think the playing drifts off of the rhythm a bit too far in one or two places and this caused some lack of focus/intent/whatever, because music like this needs an anchor. However, this didn't dent my liking of the piece. It was a bit like shapes coming and going out of view in heavy falling snow.

I was not so keen on Winnipeg. There was not quite enough for me to hold my attention, although it was undoubtedly well played.

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