So I'm thinking of switching cabs, I use a POD X3 Live for amp sims and all effects through a Marshall MG on the clean channel. Not exactly ideal, but it works for now.

For a cab I've always had a Peavey Valveking but I tried it through a Line 6 Cab, I think the head counterpart was a Spider III... Anyway it seems to react better with the POD and sound more natural. The only thing I'm worried about is reliability... Anyone have any advice for me?

What's your budget?

Get a White Box, Avatar or used Mesa 2x12 instead.
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So, just to make sure, this is your setup

Guitar-POD X3-Marshall MG-Valveking 4x12 combo?

If you're attached to the POD, sell everything and get a Spider Valve combo. In general, you need a better amp. A different cab is not going to make a difference at this point.
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Hi. I had a Valveking 4x12 it was okay I got it cause I read a review that said the speakers was voiced like V-30's and I got it for $100.00 new out the door close out sale.

What B.S. nothing like V-30's and sounded like crap with my SS amps. But did sound okay with my tube amps not great but okay.

Then I tried out a older Line 6 4x12 cab it was the matching cab for the spider 3 head.
I know people rip on line 6 stuff but this cab sounds great with my tube and SS amps. And the build is very good.

I mean it's no Avatar or Mesa but does sound good and it's 4 or 8 ohm so now I can match it to my tube and SS amp.

My other cab Peavey XXX 4x12 is 16 ohm so I keep my 3120 on that cab and use the line 6 4x12 for my other amps that are 4 or 8 ohm.
Guys, before you explode your keyboards about the MG, most of the tone is running through the X3 live.

Anyway, you can go with a White Box or Avatar cab for cheap, Jet city has a 4x12 if you really need it for ~$300. Speakers aren't half-bad in that thing.

But we really need a budget.

Valveking 412s are utter crap. I had a valveking combo and if the stock speaker in that is any indication it sounds really muddy and undefined.

Line 6 cabinets can sound decent, it's the Spider series that everyone hates on. Anything else they do is pretty good.
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