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Are Squiers crappy guitars? What are your thoughts on a Standard Squier HSS Strat ?

For a starter guitar they are fine. But for an upgrade, id look into something a little more expensive.
If you get an 80s vintage model, you can snag quite a fine guitar for little money. And some other particular models have kind of their own mystique--a couple of their Telecasters are quite highly regarded. Tony Bacon's coming out with a book on Squiers early next year--ought to be interesting. I still own my first guitar, an '88 Squier Strat, and it's a favorite; I'll probably never part with it. At this point, slipping it on is like putting on a great old shirt.
I think every one of them is atleast decent. But once you get into the Classic Vibe Squier's is when you star getting great guitars.
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they get a lot of hate. mine sounded great, and played even better. never gave me fret buzz, one of the most comfortable necks ive ever played.

pickups on mine were duncan designed; not too great, but worth an upgrade. i woulda upgraded them but i gave it to my cousin