Hey i need some help with a solo.


The part with the hammer-ons goes really fast in the song, so how should my fingers be positioned? I was thinking barr with index finger on 7th but is there another way?

Personally, there's not enough switching to constitute barring. I'd just make the switch, and when that slide/vibrato come at the end you won't have that awkward transition from having your index barred to pushing a wide vibrato. It depends on context, of course, but it's a personal preference to dislike barring. You want economy of motion, but this situation is more of what you feel comfortable with.
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i think no barre is needed.

I guess you have trouble when the hammer ons with 7 and 9 begin.

My advice would be:

1. Play the first 2 7h9's with 1 and hammer with 3.
Although it says hammer to the the 2 7h9;s on d and g strings, my advice would be to make a slide using fingers 2 and 3, so that your index remains free to play the next 7h9's that follow on the g string