Okay I currently own a Peavy 60 watt vyper hybrid amp. Its kinda a pain to use and i want something simpler. I was looking at getting the sanpera II pedal to make it easier to use but im wondering if my money would be better spend going towards a new amp. I have always like the vox sound and was thinking of getting a vox ac30vr because it fits my budget of 600 usd. I Would really like to get a vox amp but not sure if this amp is more of a side grade, I would like to save up for the ac30 but just not sure it would be financially responsible of me at the moment to get it.
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The Vox is more of a side step than an upgrade.

For a modeler, the Vypyr's hardly complicated... you could get the Sanpera I instead of the II, which is a simpler and smaller pedal.
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I like vox, but in order to make it an upgrade yeah you may have to go more expensive. In my opinion unfortunately one way another whether it be on a higher end amp or pedals searching for the right tone....one way or another sometimes I think its best just to save until you know you want something...