I am very lucky to own an old fender silverface, but my luck was not enough to save the reverb transformer and the celestion speakers (very surprised to see them hanging out in a fender).

I come to you guys for some tips on replacing the reverb transformer, what I'm getting myself into really, and what speakers you would recommend. I'm leaning toward jensen C12n's, but I'm very interested in mixing different speakers.

Finally, I'm going to be inside this amp for a little while, do you have any cool tricks or mods I should try out? I'm sure this will upset some of you, but I am not really trying to preserve its value as a collector's item.
Before you jump into mods, get everything working correctly. Otherwise it'll be a case of "what ****ed it up" when that happens. Do one thing at a time. That said, swapping those out should be pretty straightforward. As long as you find the corresponding wires on the replacement transformer, it's just a direct swap. Make sure you mark what goes where.