Hey guys, long time reader, new at posting in the forums and thought it might be a good place to get some help.

I have been playing for quite a few years now and wanted to get into adding some effects/distortion pedals etc. The problem being I know very little about effects and such. I was looking into the Digitech RP1000, and from what I can tell it does everything and is quite user friendly. Does anyone have any recommendations or comments about it before I drop 500 bucks on it?

Thanks for your time!
It all kinda depends. Do you need amp modeling, or do you already have a decent amp? If you need amp modeling, I would say the RP1000 or a Line 6 POD HD500 would both be excellent choices (Take a look at the POD if you haven't already). If you purely want effects, I personally would recommend a Line 6 M9 or M13.
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If you want a pedal that does everything, I also would recommend the M13. Its my next major purchase for guitar gear.
But you should probably also consider whether you want to have a single brick that does everything pretty ok, or invest over time in a pedal collection where everything has a specific purpose and does it really well. I've been one of the latter for a long time and it's served me pretty well.
I think I wouldn't mind the amp modeling features. I had a Marshall 100HDFX half stack that I really liked, but decided to trade my friend amps for a Blackheart BH15-112 due to me moving and having less space. I also really liked the tones he was getting out of it, mind you he was also running overdrive pedals. I find that the amp on its own doesn't put out enough distortion and obviously has no effects where my marshall had a few. I think I want to keep things as simple as possible without using multiple stompboxes, and it could be more cost effective in the long run. I no longer play gigs or anything, it would just be for personal use unless something came up again.