Ts9 into a London Tonebone Distortion

Tonebone drive/eq/level dialed in so it gives off a raunchy, crunchy, distorted tone. Think smashing pumpkins, soundgarden, and master of puppets.

Ts9 drive/eq/level dialed in quite high. So by itself, you have to roll off the volume to balance out. But rolling off the volume gives the ability to play with a big range of dynamics. Good for blues/clean leads i guess. Fulltone OCD sounds better overall as an overdrive. But in my opinion, the ts9 stacks better than ANY other overdrive.

But when they're both turned on, dialed in like so, you get a ridiculously liquid-razor-hot knife through butter tone. Think David Gilmour and John Fruciante over the top lead tones! Notes literally sustain endlessly- They slowly, smoothly, transparently, melt into feedback-singing mid-rangey guitar leads. Especially when you have whammy bar skills and locking tuners lol

I play an 03 fender strat, goes by the name of Chuck, with hot/humless pick ups though a 40 watt fender tube amp. and a Gen5 echo delay pedal by love pedal as the cherry on top.

Discuss/debate about how jealous you all are about my tone plz

Good jams to all

by the time you read this you will be wasting your time because it doesnt say anything