I'm looking at buying new valves/tubes for my Peavey XXX. I want to improve the cleans and headroom but keep the gain on the crunch/ultra channels.

Would anyone recommend some? I was looking to switch from 6L6's to EL34s which is supposed to improve the cleans/headroom. Has anyone tried this? And what pre-amp valves would make a difference? I've heard changing the phase inverter has a big impact on headroom.

I have the Peavey 3120 (AKA XXX).

I really like the El34s did not think I would like them as all my other amps have 6L6's in them.

But to me El34s sound so much better in the XXX then 6L6's do so I put the El34s back in.
JJ's. They'll balance out the brightness of the amp nicely.

I wouldn't recommend EL34's, unless you know for a fact you want them. I personally prefer them in that amp, but they won't get you better cleans - 6L6's are better for that. EL34's will get you warmer cleans, more lively cleans, but they won't actually be cleaner, if that makes sense.
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